The effect of smell on your well-being

A pleasant smell helps to increase positive emotions. Is not it so? You can put your well-being on the desired tracks by using essential oils as a helper. They work in any of the applications – through the smell with a few drops in an aroma lamp, through the skin during a fragrant bath or massage, as well as burning a candle flavored with essential oil. Essential oils work very subtly, imperceptibly and pleasantly.

To create a lively mood –
Aromas of nutmeg, jasmine , rose, ylang ylang , grapefruit will help . These same scents will help balance the feelings of those who usually have a changing mood.
The aromas of juniper, cardamom, lemongrass and rosemary will act as a natural invigorating, motivating and activating agent .
For a harmonious mood – Bergamot, incense, geranium and rosewood are the scents that will help in case of depression and mood swings.
We recommend the use of basil, lemon , mint and rosemary essential oils to improve concentration and memory , as well as mental exhaustion and lack of creativity.
The soothing effect of lavender , chamomile , marjoram, neroli, incense, myrtle and ylang ylang is used.
The aromas of jasmine , nutmeg, ylang ylang , rose and patchouli can be used to lift the mood, relax, reduce stress and relieve pain.

Remember to use only those flavors that you like to achieve the desired effect. If you don’t like the scent – choose another one.