We are an environmentally friendly company that makes eco products ourselves and we invite you to do the same. Our loyal customers already know that you can buy all the necessary raw materials for making eco candles, soaps and cosmetics on our website www.darinat.lv.

We are pleased to announce that we have come to new beautiful premises! Already in February, we will warmly welcome our customers to a place created inspired by nature, where they can come up with ideas for wonderful gifts and buy natural products for their home, as well as spend evenings learning the practicalities of making eco products.

LARUA studio

The word larua in Latin means “house spirit.” Also in some parts of Latvia, according to legends, the ancient Latvians called the good soul of the house a barefoot – a barefoot spirit with a hair-blown hairpin, which brought warmth, blessing and harmony to the home. This benevolent spirit of the house also symbolizes the company’s overall philosophy.

The basic elements of our products are natural gifts, which, embodied in various forms, like the good spirits of the house, can conjure and give a special mood to the environment. The products, dressed in the shades and materials found in Latvia’s nature, are made from ecological raw materials, and among them everyone will be able to find the most suitable – both invigorating aromas for a pleasant and promising start to the day, and a relaxing and warm scent.

Delight yourself and your loved ones by making the home as cozy and full of scents as Latvian nature!

Larua studio is located in Riga, Antonijas Street 9, 5th floor (entrance from Antonijas Street)!