Mosquito repellent

In warm weather, we spend more and more evenings in the fresh air, but often [...]

Tanning lotion

For normal skin: 30ml sesame seed oil 30ml wheat germ oil 60ml apricot kernel oil [...]

Soap recipes

Here are some recipes for making great soap from the soap mass. In summer, we [...]

Whipped body butter

Body butter can be made from different types of butter – shea butter, cocoa butter [...]

Lip balm for big and small

Lip balms can be prepared in a variety of ways, using butter – cocoa or [...]

Floating candles

Will be necessary: soy candle wax for standing candles container for melting wicks forms if [...]

Massage candles

Create a romantic atmosphere at home with soy wax massage candles! As you know, Soy [...]