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Mosquito repellent

In warm weather, we spend more and more evenings in the fresh air, but often there are small intrusive guests, which hinders the enjoyment of a nice mood. Summer is also an active time for mosquitoes, ticks and gnats. Make a suitable deterrent for unsolicited guests! You can make both an mosquito candle and an […]

Tanning lotion

For normal skin: 30ml sesame seed oil 30ml wheat germ oil 60ml apricot kernel oil 4 drops of lavender essential oil 4 drops of ylang ylang essential oil For dry skin: 60ml avocado oil 60ml apricot kernel oil 60ml sesame oil 60ml wheat germ oil 1ml of calendula extracted oil 4 drops of patchouli essential […]

Soap recipes

Here are some recipes for making great soap from the soap mass. In summer, we recommend using fresh plants and flowers to decorate the soap. The prepared soap is not in the cupboard, but is used immediately, because all natural things are spoiled.Medicinal night soap 400 g crystal clear soap base (approximately 5x 80gr pieces) […]

Floating candles

Will be necessary: soy candle wax for standing candles container for melting wicks forms if you want a colored candle – candle colorif you want a scented candle –essential oils or scented oils Or our set for making candles + a bowl for melting Workflow Melt the wax, but do not boil it. Therefore, melt […]

Massage candles

Create a romantic atmosphere at home with soy wax massage candles! As you know, Soy wax candles perfectly refresh the air in the room and burn out the bacteria in it, but when flavored with essential oils, they will not only fill the room with a wonderful aroma, but will also provide the pleasure of […]