Unleash your sexual energy with essential oils

For centuries, people have improved and supplemented their erotic world with aphrodisiacs – a variety of plants, essences, oils and more. Essential oils that combine the essence of the plant itself will also be great for this. Maybe you should also try one of the essential oils and surprise your loved one with a passionate evening.
However, if you are not a specialist, then the question arises which oils are right and how to use them properly?

Perfumes that have long been considered sexual aromas:

Ylang Ylang – will help prevent frigidity, increase libido in women. Quickly restores women’s and men’s potency.
Rose – promotes an increase in sexual desire.
Rosewood– increases sensuality, promotes orgasm, prevents sexual coldness and laziness.
Sandalwood – prevents frigidity in women and also helps men in cases of sexual weakness.
Incense – increases and prolongs the duration of orgasm, helps to return to the comfort zone, promotes male potency and sexual activity.

Uses of essential oils:
– Add a few drops of essential oil to the base oil and lubricate the skin with this mixture or use it for a romantic massage. The base oil will be olive oil, sunflower, rosehip, apricot kernel or sea buckthorn oil.
– Add a few drops of essential oil to various body care creams, tonics or even shampoo.
– A bath with a few drops of essential oil will be great. In addition to romance, candles are also lit.
– Aroma lamps can be used to create a mood throughout the room, in which water with a few drops of essential oil is heated by a candle flame.

! It is not recommended to apply pure essential oil directly on the skin.
! Pure essential oil should not be taken orally.

Have a passionate evening!

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